How do I upload files to Bench?

There are two ways to upload files to Bench—in the Bench app or via email. When uploading files, keep in mind that not all file formats are supported. We currently support the following formats: jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, tiff, tif, doc, docx, csv, xls, xlsx, iif.

How to upload in your browser:

Go to MessagesUploads. You can upload files by dragging and dropping files onto the page, or by clicking the Upload Document button at the top-right of the page, then selecting the appropriate file.

Upload Documents

How to upload via email:

You can also upload your files via email by sending documents as attachments to the email address found at the bottom of the Uploads tab in the Messages section. This email address is specific to your company account, and all documents emailed to this address will automatically be uploaded to the Bench app.

Upload via Email