How does the subscription review process work?

The cost of your Bench subscription is based on your business’s average monthly expenses and the steps we need to take to ensure that your books are accurate.

We periodically review your account to make sure that your Bench subscription is the right fit for your business’s needs.

Over time, your business’s bookkeeping requirements may change. The subscription review process determines if you need to be moved to a different subscription.

We may move you to a different subscription if:

  • Your average monthly expenses increase or decrease
  • You require an additional account or add-on

When will my Bench subscription be reviewed?

We will review your subscription annually. Your first subscription review will occur during your 11th month with Bench.

Your subscription review occurs over three months.

When it’s time for your review, here’s what you can expect:

Month 1: We review your account

To ensure that your current subscription is the right fit for your business’s bookkeeping needs, we review:

  • Your business’s average expenses for up to 12 months
  • The number of accounts and add-ons associated with your Bench account

Accounts include any bank, credit card, virtual credit card, or Paypal account that contains business-related transactions.

Add-ons include merchant processors, loans, lines of credit, or payroll providers.

If your current subscription is still the right fit for your business after the review concludes, we will not move you to a different subscription.

However, if your current Bench subscription is no longer the right fit for your business’s average monthly expenses or account and add-on total, you will be moved to another subscription.

If we intend to move you to a different subscription, the change will not be immediate. We will notify you via email.

We will always automatically begin your subscription review—no action is required from you for your review to occur.


Month 2: We send you a reminder email

During the second month of your subscription review, we will send you a second email to remind you about the upcoming adjustment to your Bench subscription. If no change is required, we’ll let you know via email.


Month 3: Your Bench subscription is adjusted

During the third month of your subscription review, we will move you to your new subscription.

The change will be reflected on your latest Bench invoice, and in SettingsBilling of your Bench account.

If you have questions about your subscription review, please reach out to our Client Care Team at 1 (888) 760 1940 or