Getting Started

How can I speed up my bookkeeping?

In order to reconcile your accounts and close your books, we request that you send us your bank and credit card statements monthly. Once we have these statements, we guarantee your bookkeeping will be completed within fifteen business days.

One common occurrence that slows this process down is mid-month credit card statements. For example, if the closing date on your credit card is the 25th of the month, we have to wait a full thirty days (until your next statement becomes available) in order to account for the last five days of the previous month.

We recommend changing your credit card statement closing date to the end of the month to speed up the turnaround time of your bookkeeping. Most banks and financial institutions are open to doing so. Having both your checking and credit card accounts reported at month-end will reduce lag time on your bookkeeping by up to thirty days.

To request a change of closing date, call the number on the back of your credit card, or use a number from the list below:

Chase: 1.877.242.7372
Silicon Valley Bank: 1.800.774.7390
Bank of America: 1.800.432.1000
American Express: 1.800.954.0559