How do I search for a transaction?

There are three ways to find a transaction: search all transactions, search within a specific ledger, or search within a specific date range.

How to search all transactions:

Go to ReportsSearch. Enter your search query into the Search text box. This searches all transactions in all ledger accounts and in all date ranges. Keep in mind that this only works if you have not clicked into a particular ledger.


How to search within a ledger:

Go to Reports and then to either Income Statement or Balance Sheet (depending on where the ledger you want to search is). Select the required ledger, and type your search query into the Search text box in the top right corner. It will automatically filter transactions as you type.

How to search within a date range:

Searching within a ledger automatically filters by date range. Adjust the date range using the Calendar icon at the top-right of the page and all of your search will be filtered by the selected date range.