Does Bench work with Stripe?

Yes. Bench integrates with Stripe to give your bookkeeping team read-only access to your Stripe data.

Each month, your Stripe data is automatically imported into Bench and used to complete your books.

We use oAuth to create a secure connection between Bench and Stripe. Used by the likes of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, oAuth connects Bench and Stripe without sharing your login or password details.

Because the connection is limited to read-only access, we are not able to modify your Stripe account.

How to connect your Stripe account to Bench:

You’ll need to use Bench on your computer to connect your Stripe account.

1. Go to Accounts.

2. Click Connect a Stripe Account.



3. Click Sign in with Stripe to connect.



4. Enter your Stripe account details and click Sign in to your account.



5. Click Connect my Stripe account.



6. You’ll be returned to Bench, and your newly connected Stripe account will now display in Accounts.



How to disconnect your Stripe account:

You’ll need to use Bench on your computer to disconnect your Stripe account.

1. Go to Accounts. Click Disconnect next to your Stripe account.


2. Click Confirm to disconnect your Stripe account from Bench.

This disables data syncing and read-only access to your Stripe account.



3. You can reconnect your Stripe account at any time.