How do I download an Income Statement or Balance Sheet?

You can download an Income Statement or Balance Sheet as a spreadsheet. Go to Reports and then to Income Statement or Balance Sheet. Click the Download button in the top-right corner. Depending on the date range you’ve selected, reports can be monthly, annual, or quarterly. Your downloaded reports will contain all historical income statements or balance More...

How do I search for a transaction?

There are three ways to find a transaction: search all transactions, search within a specific ledger, or search within a specific date range. How to search all transactions: Go to Reports → Search. Enter your search query into the Search text box. This searches all transactions in all ledger accounts and in all date ranges. More...

How do I comment on a transaction?

Go to Reports → Income Statement. Click on the Expense category containing the transaction you need. Click the required transaction, and the Leave a Comment prompt will appear along with transaction details. Write your message in the Leave a Comment text box and click Post Comment.