Using Bench

How do I comment on a transaction?

Go to Reports → Income Statement. Click on the Expense category containing the transaction you need. Click the required transaction, and the Leave a Comment prompt will appear along with transaction details. Write your message in the Leave a Comment text box and click Post Comment.

How do I view or clear notifications from my bookkeeping team?

You can view notifications from your bookkeeping team by clicking the small notification counter located above the Bench logo in the top-left corner of the app. While viewing the notifications pop-up, click the little x at the right side of each individual notification to clear it.

How do I change the password of a connected bank account?

After changing your online banking password, go to the Accounts section. If your account has already been synchronized, you will see a prompt to re-enter your login credentials. Enter your new bank password to ensure that your bank connection remains open. If your account has not yet been synchronized, you will not be able to More...