How do I disable importing statements from individual bank accounts?

Go to Accounts → Connections. Click the Yes/No toggle beside the account(s) you want to disable importing statements from. Once you click a toggle, it may take a moment for the change to take effect, after which the statements for the bank account will no longer be imported into the app.

My statement connection stopped working. How do I reconnect it?

For security reasons, your statement import connection may occasionally require a reset. To reset your connection, go to Accounts → Connections tab. Click Complete Connection. A modal will prompt you for additional information. Follow the steps to reestablish your connection.

How do I change the password of a connected bank account?

After changing your online banking password, go to the Accounts section. If your account has already been synchronized, you will see a prompt to re-enter your login credentials. Enter your new bank password to ensure that your bank connection remains open. If your account has not yet been synchronized, you will not be able to More...

Does Bench work with Stripe?

Yes. Bench integrates with Stripe to give your bookkeeping team read-only access to your Stripe data. Each month, your Stripe data is automatically imported into Bench and used to complete your books. We use oAuth to create a secure connection between Bench and Stripe. Used by the likes of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, oAuth connects Bench More...