Importing Data

Does Bench work with Paychex?

Yes. If you pay your employees through Paychex, we’ll need the Payroll Journal Report to account for the employee taxes withheld and the employer’s payroll tax expense, as well as any deductions for health or dental insurance.

How to download and upload Payroll Reports:

1. Log in to your Paychex Flex account.

2. Go to your Dashboard.

3. Click Get Payroll Journal.

4. Select the payroll journals you need via the checkboxes or by customizing the Run Date field and then clicking the checkboxes.

Quick Links


Payroll Journals

5. Click Download in the bottom right corner (if you select multiple payroll journals, they will download in a single .zip file).

Note that the Bench app doesn’t currently support uploading .zip files. You will need to extract them, and then upload the .pdf files to your Bench account (go to Documents Uploads).