Importing Data

Does Bench work with Justworks?

Yes. If you are using Justworks for payroll, we require a .csv file to help us validate the information we have in Bench and account for your payroll taxes and salary expenses accurately.

Remember, the transactions in Bench show two cash flows: the net amount paid out to employees, and a combined total of payroll taxes and income taxes withheld to be remitted to the government. Adjustments needs to be made to reallocate your employees’ income taxes withheld to the salary and wage expense ledger so that your financials report the same information as the W-2s. This .csv file will help us separate employer and employee portions of withholding taxes.

How to download and upload your .csv file:

1. Log in to your Justworks account.

2. Go to DashboardPaymentsInvoices.


3. Click on .csv in the Report column to download the .csv file for that period, or click on Download complete invoice history (csv) to download all invoice history.


4. Upload the downloaded report to Bench (go to Documents → Uploads).