Importing Data

Does Bench work with Gusto?

Yes. Bench is partnered with Gusto.

Why do I need to send in a Journal Report? Doesn’t the amount come out of my bank anyways?

It does, but it comes out as a net amount. This means that it includes deductions, such as income tax, pension and employment insurance. This also means that the amount withdrawn from your bank to pay your employees is not the total amount they’ve earned.

We want to make sure your books are accurate, and more importantly, that they correspond to the W-2 forms that are filed with the IRS.

This is where the Gusto journal report comes in; it shows total salary and wage amounts, as well as employee and employer taxes. With this information, we can prepare your financials for you.

Why does Bench partner with Gusto?

Gusto provides payroll and HR compliance for their customers with simple software that takes care of most of the heavy lifting for our clients.

Gusto also tracks and remits information for 1099 contractors (clients must have at least one W-2 employee to use Gusto).

To learn more, visit the Gusto Resources Library:

How to download and upload your Payroll Journal Report:

1. Log in to your Gusto account.

2. Go to ReportsPayroll Journal Report (located at the bottom of the page).

Reports class=

3. Enter the start and end dates for a time period. Or select Annual to include all payroll journals that have been run within the selected year.

4. Click Advanced View.

5. Click Generate.

Payroll Journal

6. Click Download .pdf.


7. Upload your .pdf report to Bench (go to DocumentsUploads).

More info about navigating Gusto can be found here.